What Makes a Great Music Venue?

live music at Dublin Square San Diego

It’s safe to say that most have a favorite music venue.

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  If you ask a friend or group of friends if they have one, I’m sure it wouldn’t take them long to respond with the name of a local club, concert venue or bar. Each person would probably have a different opinion on what makes one venue better than another, such as drink specials, space, and crowds, and he or she would probably be right. Every venue is different, but in our opinion, there are always a few things that stick out about great concert venues. One thing that any place that wants live music should have is a good sound system. That, along with a great atmosphere and talent, and people will be coming back every week.


  That is why we are so proud of Dublin Square. We offer the best of all the worlds of music. We have a state of the art sound system so that means you won’t hear any high pitch screeching coming out of our speakers. Some smaller venues make the unwise decision of overcompensating for space with sound. But it only works if the sound doesn’t make people’s ears ring for a week. Not only do we take the sound system into consideration, but also the people who run it. We have a great sound system and great people running it!


  Now, the atmosphere should be a given and is usually the first thing people mention when naming a reason why the like their favorite bar or club. But it can still get overlooked and undervalued. When you go see your favorite artist, you also want to enjoy the place in which you’re seeing them. This has to do with everything from the space in the venue, to the staff, and drink prices. All of these things can make or break a venue. We think that our bartenders are the best in the business! We are always here to help you decide, give you samples and make you feel welcome. After all, we are Irish and the Irish are the best and making people feel like they are part of the family!


  We may be small, but that is a great thing! Think of the best shows you have been to. We would venture to say that it wasn’t at an amphitheater. We are guessing it was at a small, intimate venue where the people were friendly and you got to see your favorite band up close. Are we right?


   Dublin Square wants to be known as a premier venue to come see local, live music. But we can’t do it without you, our fans! So, if you like what we are doing, let us know! Let your friends know and we can all rock out together!